Order Cider to Be Directly Shipped to Your Door!

1/2 Gallon Growlers                                       
Filled fresh from the tap at the Cidery and delivered  

straight to your door. Since it is fresh off the tap a

growler must always be kept cold.                                                          

                                           New Growler Price                        

Mershon's Artisan Cider  $16.99                               

Mershon's Mystic Berry   $19.99                                   

Mershon's Death Valley   $24.99                                


Mershon's Cider by the Keg                                                                                

Fresh Artisan cider by the keg, perfect for small to large                         

gatherings. Also can be set up in a kegerator for long

lasting use. (Party Tap Available Free of Charge)

1/4 Barrel (~62 - 16oz Servings)            $90

1/2 Barrel (~124 - 16oz Servings)         $175

1/4 Barrel Mystic Berry                             $120

1/4 Barrel Death Valley Dry                     $140  

Contact us for more options with kegs:

Parties, Weddings, Kegerators, Fridge Conversions

and More!